If there's one thing I love about summer sixteen it's the festivals. This year I managed to visit all of them (by 'all' I mean those who fit in our student budgets) and it was ah-mazing. Complètement magique.
I won't talk about the whole experience since there's nothing new to say, so I'd like to focus on what I learned during a month full of festivals, travelling, packing and unpacking, dancing, living.

1. It's all about the journey, not the destination. 
Actually, it is all about the destination and the people you choose to spend your time with. It's probably the most important thing.

2. Your criteria for choosing the right accomodation changes drastically . 
And it kinda goes from 'We have such a cool furniture in our apartment!' to 'We're lucky enough to have tap water in here'. From posh to hobo in a week, my friends.

3. You gain specific surviving skills.
Learning to spend a whole day without food, having three-hour-beauty sleeps that actually work, being able to spot your friends in a crowd among thousands of people, finding the best shortcuts, developing a unique sign language with your friends ('Put your left hand in the air when you see me'), having personalized orientation marks ('We're at the four trees'), ninja walking through the crowd etc.

4. It's easier if you're fit.
Dancing 7+ hours, walking several kilometres a day, climbing the stairs (there are always some stairs), the inevitable acclivities... Quite a challenge if you're not used to any kind of physical exhaustion.

5. Festival fashion or how all girls look the same.
Okay, fashion is for the boys as it is for the girls, but GOD how girls easily blend into the crowd. Princess Leia hair or braids, chokers, high-waisted shorts, cropped tops, backpacks, perfect make ups and contouring, fringes - it's just too much effort, visible effort to be exact. And it all looks the same.
In my opinion, simplicity's always the key. And don't forget your sunglasses.

In the end we all end up dirty, sweaty, dusty, muddy, happy.  

6. Never wear white shorts if you're not ready to exit the festival wearing brown shorts.
Don't ask me how I know.

7. You miss out on songs you love the most waiting in the freaking line for the toilet.
Don't ask me how I know either.

8. You hug a lot of people. That's beautiful.

9. Don't be afraid to take as many photos as you can even though you look like a complete mess. 
Be afraid when you see somebody tagged you.

10. The ugly truth. 
In order to breathe again at the end of the day, you have to pick your nose. And we all know how serious picking I'm talking about.


This could've been a post every blog has during its (r)evolution, with attention drawing name almost every forgotten or blog under construction has - relaunch, toujoursAnja 2.0, brand new toujoursAnja etc.

To be sincere, this is the relaunch of toujoursAnja. 

But before I jump back into my beloved abysmal ocean of trends, fashion and street style, I wanted to rewrite the post from a year ago, probably the only personal post I've ever written, because this has been the most turbulent year of my life so far, I needed a clean slate and just to see how much I've changed during the past year. Here we go.

In 2015:
I realized many things.

First of all, I'm a bit spoiled. Even though I consider myself very modest, I've been a passive-aggressive drama queen for a month when I realized this summer's not going to be how I imagined it to be (full of travelling and adventures). First I was disappointed. After days of psychoanalyzing mysef, I realized that I'm very lucky to have been able to travel every year. Obviously I get carried away easily by my expectations. And then make a big fuss and act like a spoiled brat.
2016: Still modest. This has been the best and the worst summer of my life, full of travelling, adventures, adrenaline, big changes and emotional rollercoasters. I've quit being passive-aggressive drama queen - now I'm just aggressive. And a queen. And more sarcastic.

Second. Sometimes I just need to chill out. I love my routines and stick to them with great satisfaction. Classes, trainings, food, almost every single aspect of my life has a routine. This July I didn't have much time to breathe properly, so any form of routine was out of the question. I felt like I was drowning without them. At this point I need to learn to balance my life better, but without pressuring myself. Routines can be a good thing if you don't become a slave to them.
2016: Ok, I haven't mastered the balancing act yet, but I'm definitely not pressuring myself the way I used to.

Third. a) I'm very grateful for everything I have, but I wasn't actually saying 'thank you' as often as I thought. And in the time of crysis, these simple two words are just what people need to hear.
b) I expect people to tell me 'thank you' way more than I say it to them.
2016: a) I think I'm saying it more nowadays.
b) I don't expect people to tell me 'thank you' way more than I say it to them.
c) I've learned a lot about myself and it's a love-hate relationship that I have with myself right now. I've grown in every possible way by trying to finally see and accept my flaws (apparently, I have A LOT of them). Obviously I'm a bit handicapped when it comes to expressing my emotions and I'm not exactly the easiest person to talk to, so this could be a public "Thank you, Sorry, I love you" to all of the people who were (and are) beside me throughout the year.
 I must say it's not that pretty when life constantly kicks you in the ass, but I guess you also have to hold onto yourself, which I'm still learning to do. But you end up kinda... better, I guess. Richer. Stronger. (Does anyone else sing Daft Punk right now?)

 Fourth. I have no idea what I'm gonna do with my life. I know, you don't have to figure out your life in your twenties, but still it makes me wonder when I'll know exactly what I want from it.
2016: All that + to be happy every single day. Positive vibes and shit.

Fifth. I clean and do housework like a pro. Also I'm a great interior designer/stylist/decorator. My intuition is great when it comes to aesthetics. I should get paid for this.
2016: I practically became a housewife. Student-housewife if that even exists. I've mastered multitasking in every single way. Cooking, cleaning, studying, walking the dog, hanging out, training, going out, drinking, dancing. Just a regular Thursday.

Sixth. Dog. Poop. Everywhere.
2016: Well, the dog's all grown up, so: BIG. Dog. Poop. Everywhere.

Seventh. (general conclusion about the past year)
Shit happens, let's dance.


This is when we say ciao to 2015. Finally!

I want yall to be partying like it's the New York's 80s - with a little less of drugs, please. 
I'd love to dance with Diane and drink with Andy.

All from Vogue.


Fashion is a giant circle. There are no more inventions. It all goes round and round. Favorizing one era is now called a trend. It seems that creativity is lacking. Sometimes you're fine with it, sometimes you're not.
Today I decided to be fine with it (and subtly avoid writing about 19th century French literature) and embrace what I'm offered. Fur, layers, knits, midi skirts, socks - I guess we've seen it all, but it's on this season's menu again. And if we're going to eat what we're given, I'd like a little Rochas Pre-Fall 2016 on my plate!

Is there something we haven't seen yet in fashion? What do you think?


I think my love for holidays has just got a whole new dimension. 
Do you know who 'Fashion Santa' is?

Well, let me introduce him (please, let me!). 
His name is Paul Mason. 
He's been a model for over 30 years for some of the world's leading brands.
You might have seen him casually walking on many runways.
He looks ah-mazing.
He's my personal Santa of the year. Or century, I don't mind.
Not only does he look great, but he's got an extraordinary sense for style. 'I'd really reeeaally want to wear your clothes' kind of extraordinary.

Is anyone with me?

Dear Santa,


Just come!